Important Android interview questions with Answers

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This post introduces you most important android interview questions and answers for a fresher or experienced developer. So that you can prepare easily and quickly.

I come across a situation where I had to take an interview, I had all the practical knowledge but I wanted to know very important question which could be asked in an interview process. I made a google search and find some very interesting questions regarding Android. In this process, I read a lot on the different Android topics and learned a lot. In this process, I build this list of interview questions for Android developers and answers provided as a link.

So without going more details, the followings are Android interview questions with answers for fresher as well as experience Developer. I hope you will find some interesting questions and you have questions which you think are must-have on the list, then write to me.

So basically an Android developer interview goes with different phases. Android developer should have knowledge of Java programming language, OOPS concepts because Android app development based on it. If Android developer has Kotlin experience then Kotlin questions also can be asked in the interview.

So I will list down questions related to Java and Oops, Then Android and at last Kotlin. I will provide you link where you can find more deep questions.

Below are some most important question with answer for an Android interview

Java questions for Android interview

  1. What is a string? Literal and object string difference.
  2. String builder and StringBuffer. Difference between them?
  3. Serializable and parcelable.
  4. Multiple inheritance problem in Java.
  5. What is collection in Java?
  6. What is Hashcode. hasmap and hashkey related questions. Difference between them?
  7. Singleton in java
  8. Difference between this and super.
  9. What is final, finally and finalize.
  10. Difference between == operator vs equals() method.
  11. Method overloading vs method overriding.
  12. oops concept

Android questions:

  1. What would be the effect on asyncTask when an android screen rotates?
  3. What is the difference between service, intent service, and thread?
  4. Can I update UI in android when I am in the asynTask onBackground method? Serializable and Parcerable in Android
  5. What is launch mode in android? How they define and name all launch mode of android.
  6. It is possible to create activity without UI?
  7. Which mode called only once in the Android lifecycle?
  8. Types of the broadcast receiver in Android?
  9. Order of dialog box in Android?
  10. security best practices you know for Android?
  11. What are the action and category is the Android Manifests XML?
  12. Where a developer should use implicit and explicit intent?
  13. What is the difference between onCreate and onStart in an activity?
  14. Different ways we can store data in Android phone, which is better approaches in sharePrefences and SQLite?
  15. How many ways can we send the data from one activity to another activity in the application?
  16. How to run the service even after killing the application in android?
  17. what is Dalvik/ART, ADB, Android Manifests, Content provider, adapter, intent, service, intent service?
  18. When does ANR occur?
  19. What is the Broadcast receiver?
  20. It is possible to create an activity without UI?
  21. Which mode is called only once in a fragment lifecycle?
  22. Exception available in Android development?
  23. Activity and fragment life cycle.
  24. Recycleview working. Diff b/w listView and Recycleview.
  25. Glide and Picasso difference and working. Getting a list using Gson.
  26. MVVP and live data.
  27. The transition of activity, shared activity.
  28. How to upload videos? Chat working, less call to server API
  29. Data transfer to activity and fragments. What are service, thread, and intentService?
  30. Activity lifecycle question like when the app will be in background, foreground, and kill?
  31. How to get data from a second activity in the first activity in Android what method you will use? Launch mode in Android?
  32. Thread life cycle.
  33. Service life cycle.
  34. Broadcast receiver.
  35. Content Provider.
  36. Types of intent.
  37. Image Loading library.
  38. Networking library

Kotlin questions for Android interview

  1. var,val,const.
  2. Lazy vs lateinit.
  3. Scope function.
  4. Object vs Companion Object .
  5. Functions in kotlin

Note: – When Dialog open in an activity which lifecycle method is called?

Below are external link with more questions

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